Aberdeen: Kommentar zu den Wahlen in den USA

Richard Dunbar, Investment Strategist, rät zu rationalem Verhalten und kühlem Kopf..


Von Richard Dunbar, Investment Strategist

„Markets are buckling and will continue to. Most investors had calculated that Clinton would win, and markets are now recalibrating – along fairly predictable lines. There’s a natural flight to quality, with assets such as the Japanese yen and gold climbing. Meanwhile those assets most associated with some of Trump’s more anti-globalisation and protectionist policies are selling off, with the Mexican peso in the lead.  

„A lot of this selling will be irrational, though. Now is the time for cool heads. The US remains the country from which virtually all disruptive technology over the last 50 years has emerged; where the rule of law is sacrosanct; with relatively favourable demographics; and broad and deep pools of capital. None of these things has changed as a result of events overnight.“

Quelle: AdvisorWorld.ch